AWARD WINNERS – TYGTAL Exposure Lee County College ID Scouting Showcase – Date: 4/1/17

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Tygtal Exposure College ID Scouting Showcase

Award Winners

Leesburg, GeorgiaTygtal Exposure & Sports Consulting held their third camp of the season this past Saturday on the campus of Lee County High School. Their sole purpose is to give immediate exposure to athletes by sending the film from each event directly to college coaches. Cameras are set up at every drill station capturing the action. Tygtal Exposure is an NCAA compliant scouting service that colleges utilize to identify athletes.

Over 70 high school football players from Southwest Georgia were on hand to showcase their talents. Each athlete took part in agility drills, individual position drills and one-on- one’s. Along the way each participant was videotaped while being closely evaluated by the Tygtal Exposure coaching staff and scouts.

Players were recognized for their effort throughout the entire camp. There were a multitude of big plays made throughout the day, but it was about which athlete stood out amongst his peers for being consistent, coachable and technically sound. Below are the Award Winners selected by the position coaches.

Remember, what sets Tygtal Exposure College ID Scouting Showcase apart from other camps and combines is the fact that every rep by every participant is filmed. Each athlete will get maximum exposure for themselves. They also have the ability to view their own film in order to hone their football skills.

So sign up now for our next camp in Savannah at and get the immediate exposure needed to garner that highly coveted football scholarship.



Kierston Harvey, 5-11/165, Americus-Sumter (2019)
157 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Most consistent quarterback throughout the day that could really spin the ball.

Running Back

Nikko Cruz, 5-8/195, Lee County (2018)

000 (1 of 1)-5

Coach’s Comments: High effort kid that really did a great job getting physical to create separation with the linebackers.

Wide Receiver

Zack Mason, 5-8/161, Lee County (2019)

000 (1 of 1)-6

Coach’s Comments: Very shifty receiver that ran sharp routes and did great job adjusting to bad balls.

Offensive Line

Courtney Perkins, 6-3/295, Monroe Comprehensive (2018)

298 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Tremendous competitor that has the ideal size to play at the highest level.

Jackson Griffin, 6-2/20, Lee County (2019)

177 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Technically sound, excellent knee bender and showed excellent hand placement in pass protection.


Defensive Line

Angel Camacho, 5-11/260, Northside-Warner Robins (2018)
000 (1 of 1)-3

Coach’s Comments: He is a raging bull coming off the ball that pays with great pad level.

Isa Washington, 6-0/280, Brookwood (2018)

000 (1 of 1)-2

Coach’s Comments: Very strong at the point of attack and plays with anger.

Elvin Mallory, 6-3/215, Lee County (2019)

000 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Very quick off the snap of the ball and took on all challengers


Noa Cruz, 5-8/180, Lee County (2019)
136 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Smooth hips in transition and excellent lateral movement.

Defensive Back

Tavian Mayo, 5-11/175, Lee County (2019)
128 (1 of 1)

Coach’s Comments: Great feet, this young man was a straight up glove all day in coverage.

Robert Johnson, 5-9/175, First Presbyterian (2018)

000 (1 of 1)-4

Coach’s Comments: Excellent hips and made the most picks during one-on- one’s.

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