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Leesburg, Georgia – This past Saturday at Lee County High School Tygtal Exposure held its third camp of the spring season. Their sole purpose is to give immediate exposure to athletes by sending the film from each event directly to college coaches. Cameras are set up at every drill station capturing the action.

Tygtal is an NCAA compliant scouting service that colleges utilize to identify athletes. All athletes were put through agility drills, individual position work and one-on- ones. Every rep was captured on video and will be released to colleges around America. Also in the house for this event was Football Analyst Barry Every. Prospects were evaluated based on their size, athleticism, effort and long term potential. The Top Prospect Rankings are based solely on their performance at this camp. Making this list does not guarantee success, nor does not making this list translate to not having a future in football after high school. Several athletes are just too young, their physical development and knowledge of the game is still in its infancy. Remember, what sets Tygtal College ID Scouting apart from other camps and combines is the fact that every rep by every participant is filmed. Each athlete will get maximum exposure for themselves. They also have the ability to view their own film in order to hone their football skills.

So sign up now for our next camp in Savannah at and get the immediate exposure needed to garner that highly coveted football scholarship. will be adding some of the top performers from this camp to the 2018 and 2019

South Georgia Player Rankings.

1. Tavian Mayo, CB, 5-11/175, Lee County, (2019)

2. Dre’Quan Garmon, WR, 6-2.5/180, Lee County (2018)

3. Courtney Perkins, OL, 6-3/295, Monroe Comprehensive (2018)

4. Justin Harris, WR, 5-10/160, Peach County (2020)

5. Giavonte Daniels, WR, 5-8/160, Lee County (2018)

6. Zack Mason, WR, 5-8, 160, Lee County (2019)

7. Malik Mullins, WR, 6-2/165, Perry (2019)

8. Kobe Lewis, S/ATH, 6-0/180, Americus-Sumter (2018)

9. Sage Finch, WR, 6-0/165, Americus-Sumter (2018)

10. Robert Johnson, CB/Ath, 5-8/160, First Presbyterian Day (2018)

11. Loronza Collier, CB, 6-0/165, Lee County (2019)

12. Brae’lin Williams, RB, 5-10/200, Americus-Sumter (2018)

13. Elvin Mallory, DE, 6-3/215, Lee County (2019)

14. Angel Camacho, DT, 5-11/260, Northside-WR (2018)

15. Nikko Cruz, RB/FB, 5-8/195, Lee County (2018)

16. Isa Washington, DT, 6-0/280, Brookwood (2018)

17. Jackson Griffin, OL, 6-2/220, Lee County (2019)

18. Noa Cruz, LB, 5-8/180, Lee County (2019)

19. Devin Fincher, DE/OL, 6-2/215, Lee County (2020)

20. Kierston Harvey, QB, 5-11/165, Americus-Sumter (2019)

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