About Us

The vision of TYGTAL Exposure and Sports Consulting Services is to be an organization that provides assistance and support to student-athletes in all sports that are seeking scholarship opportunities to further their education and athletic endeavors in college. We seek to provide clarity and understanding for all young men and women, as well as their parents, as they pursue their dreams.

TYGTAL is part of an extensive network of coaches on all levels, in all sports that can provide positive exposure to young student-athletes while equipping them with valuable information regarding the recruiting process as well as things to consider to make the best choice for the best fit for each student-athlete and family. We will always be there to support you.

TYGTAL provides insight and knowledge of camps, combines, and other events designed to provide the exposure needed to allow coaches and educators the opportunity to see the talents and level of commitment to student-athletes.

TYGTAL believes that one’s size or speed should not solely determine the level of success of a young man or woman; it is our job to work with the student-athletes and their families to develop a successful game plan to assist them in reaching their goals.