$200Annually (Auto-Renew)
$200Annually (Auto-Renew)
  • Player Profile
  • Player Profile:: Tygtal Exposure and Sports Consulting is a NCAA Compliant company, which allows college coaches to subscribe and receive data on our prospective student athletes.Profiles are built with all of the relevant and factual information, which coaches seek to know about you as a prospect; the more information you provide, the better your chance at an offer. Our guarantee is that we have qualified, pre-screened athletes; will you be one? With this profile and membership you are well on your way to success
  • Athletic Evaluation
  • Athletic Evaluation: These evaluations are comprised of highlight or game film on an athlete. We have consulted with several hundreds college coaches and have come up with a numbering system to identify potential levels of an athlete. This evaluation gives the athlete a projection of which level is the best fit for him such a D1, D2, D3, etc. It also gives the athlete suggestions on areas which he should improve upon to better his chances of being recruited and receiving an athletic scholarship.
  • Academic Evaluation
  • Academic Evaluation: We will review unofficial transcripts, calculate NCAA or Eligibility Center GPA, Evaluate upcoming class schedules, and verify credit unit standards for eligibility.
  • Membership Dashboard
  • Membership Dashboard: Will give you access to exclusive offers, discount on services and Exposure Trips, will have access to our E-Learning Video Library, and much, much more.
  • 30minute FREE Session w/ Sports Life Coach
  • 30minute Free Session w/ Sports Life Coach: Will discuss with the family or student-athlete about any life changing events, on field performance problems, recruiting issues, academic problems, and or Character problems. We will advise you during this period on what’s your best course of action.