• Take advantage of TYGTAL’s Exposure Package which provides you with a complete package of the exposure, consultation, and marketing tools that are necessary for your journey towards becoming a college athlete. We provide customized, hands-on consultations in regard to the many aspects of the college athletic recruiting process, and market your name and brand to the powers that be within the world of college athletics. TYGTAL firmly believes in the individuality of each student athlete, so we begin our process by sitting down with each athlete and his/her family and developing a personalized game plan in order to create the best customized exposure package for you. With your customized exposure package, you will receive hands on consultation throughout the recruiting process that will help you in developing and maintaining your image and getting your brand out in front of college coaches and recruiters. With the TYGTAL Exposure Package, you will be exposed and marketed to college coaches from around the country. Our team will assist you with every aspect of this process by providing expert assistance and consultation, setting up college visits, providing you with amazing opportunities to attend camps, combines, and putting you in contact and directing you in your correspondence with college coaches. The TYGTAL Exposure Package is a one stop shop for all of your athletic recruitment needs. With the TYGTAL Exposure Package you will become a highly valued member of our team, and we will be fully dedicated to your success and helping you to take your game to another level.

  • TYGTAL Exposure & Sports Consulting provides athletic skills videos for every sport. Skills videos are excellent tools for highlighting, documenting, and demonstrating your athletic talents and abilities. They provide athletes with an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills. Skills assessment videos can show off skills demonstrations or video of you live and in action on the field. Skills videos are an excellent tool for exposure to college coaches and recruiters.


  • Suffering from a sports related injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your athletic career. Rehabilitation training is a must for athletes who have been injured and wish to continue performing. TYGTAL can direct you to some of the best rehabilitation trainers in the country to ensure that you will be able to perform safely. Rehabilitation training allows you to help your body return to its pre-injury state, and retain your athletic ability after injury.

  • Biomechanics is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. Biomechanical movement training uses the laws and principles of physics in order to develop efficient athletic techniques. This type of training teaches athletes a clear understanding of the correct way to execute skills for maximum performance and decreases their risk of being injured.

  • Almost every sport requires you to have superb speed and agility skills. Speed and agility training is beneficial to all athletes. Speed and agility training improves your overall athleticism and reduces your chances of suffering from an athletic injury while also decreasing your rehabilitation time if you are injured. Speed and agility training makes you faster and provides you with increased body control which allows you to use your speed more effectively. This form of training allows athletes to perfect the intricacies of controlling small transitions in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankle joints for the best postural alignment. With this sense of control athletes are able to move faster. Being able to maintain control of your body also reduces your risk of injury.

  • Purposeful training can be highly beneficial to your athletic performance. Having clear cut goals about the abilities that you need to improve for your specific position in the sport that you play can keep you a few yards ahead of those without such focused goals. Position specific training allows athletes to identify specific movements that translate directly to their position and work to become more effective in their game. The skills that a middle linebacker may need are not always identical to those that a quarterback may need. Isolating the fundamental movements of your specific position within your sport will improve your game overall and increase your chances of recruitment by making you a star amongst those who play your position.

  • Maintaining excellent health and fitness is a requirement for athletes of all levels and ages. Not only is it important to be in shape in order to perform your sport to the best of your abilities, it is also important to maintain health through the development of healthy habits. Health and fitness programs provide you with guidelines and goals regarding living a healthy lifestyle by providing you with workout regimens, meal plans, and physical assessments.


  • SAT/ACT Test Prep sessions include lessons on common strategies as well as application exercises that revolve around taking standardized tests. When it comes to standardized testing, practice makes perfect; however, practicing serves no purpose until the student is equipped with the skills and strategies teach students how to take these tests. Test Prep will include instruction on the strategies that lead to high test scores such as: Effective Strategies for Reading Passages on Standardized Tests Vocabulary Skills, Math Testing Skills, Multiple Choice Strategies Short Answer Testing Strategies, True/False Testing Strategies Writing for Standardized Tests

  • Study Skills sessions involve interaction with the student’s current classes in order to provide strategies for absorbing and retaining the information that is learned in school. Study Skills sessions teach students about strategies for effective time management, note taking, textbook reading, listening skills, and more. Study Skills sessions give students the opportunity to ask further questions that they may not have gotten the opportunity to ask during class hours, as well as the opportunity to delve deeper into certain subjects and topics. They may also utilize this time to review previously taken tests and discuss strategies for further improvement.

  • Math skills sessions teach students strategies for learning and applying math concepts through interactive assignments and activities. These sessions teach students how to learn how to learn and remember the steps to completing math problems as well as how to read and comprehend math word problems.

  • Homework Assistance sessions serve as a time for students to receive hands on help with the completion of current homework assignments and projects. These sessions will give students the chance to ask individualized questions and receive one on one help in completing their assignments.